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The mission of the Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research (JCITR) is to enhance IUB faculty participation in translational research and the commercialization of research discoveries through interactions with industry partners and the establishment of new companies. The JCITR Discovery Team members focus on establishing a culture that values translational research and implements processes that make it easy and efficient for faculty to participate while continuing to focus on their core strengths in basic research.

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Indiana University Bloomington is exploring an alternative energy solution to powering campus vehicles through AlGalCo, an Indianapolis based startup specializing in hydrogen production.
AlGalCo’s patented hydrogen-on-demand technology produces hydrogen by adding water to an alloy comprised of over 90% common aluminum. This innovative process reduces the demand for oil, prevents air pollution, and depends on the renewable energy source aluminum.

AlGalCo has received positive feedback while testing their process. Carmel, Indiana implemented AlGalCo’s hydrogen-on-demand technology into their primary street cleaning vehicle as part of the city’s green initiative. So far these efforts have increased gas mileage and reduced harmful emissions.

AlGalCo visited the Indiana University Bloomington campus in early June to demonstrate the advantages of this technology and discuss opportunities. If there is interest from Indiana University or the City of Bloomington then vehicles used by these organizations may run on AlGalCo’s cleaner, fuel-efficient resources in the near future.

To learn more about AlGalCo and their hydrogen-on-demand process, visit their website.

Seven IU Bloomington faculty receive more than $160K from Johnson Center grant program
The Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research awarded more than $160,000 in grants to seven researchers at Indiana University Bloomington through the Translational Research Pilot Grant program. The press release can be found here.

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